Civil Litigation

As opposed to Criminal law, this branch of law deals with disputes between individuals and or corporations whereby clients come to a Firm to represent their right, force compliance with a previous agreement or obtain compensation for a personal injury. They typical result for a victorious party is money but often times an injunction to prevent a party from acting in a way against another parties interest is the best result.

The lawyers who practice this kind of law are called “Litigators” or “Trial Lawyers”

We at the Law Offices of Andrew J. Gilbride represent both Plaintiffs and Defendants in a wide range of litigations and do so in a timely professional matter. With our personal involvement in your case, we will press the matter to its resolution whether that is through a Court decision, through arbitration or through a negotiated settlement. You have come to our office looking for a resolution and we will fight for the best possible result.

One of our core beliefs is to use our extensive financial background and evaluate the matter strictly using a cost basis analysis and occasionally presenting the hard facts that even if you win you lose. While this is sometimes tough to hear and we will certainly represent a client who decides to pursue a matter on principal alone but quite often we present options that do not involve the Courts system and search for less expensive way for the parties to resolve their issues.

The types of matters that we will represent clients in fall into three categories:

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