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Suffolk County Family Law and Divorce Lawyers

The main office of the Law Offices of Andrew J. Gilbride, Esq., is located in Riverhead, New York, the “Gateway to the Hamptons” and the home of the Suffolk County seat. Our firm has expanded and moved into The Corwin House, located in the heart of downtown Riverhead. We are conveniently located across from the Supreme Court building, and only a few blocks from the County Clerk and Riverhead Family Court. As a commitment to our practice and the community, the firm purchased this architectural gem and fully restored and renovated this 1866 historic building to its previous splendor. (www.corwinhouse.com)

We at the Law Offices of Andrew J. Gilbride, Esq., have found that once we represent a client we forge a lasting relationship and life partnership. We are especially attuned to the legal needs of residents, vacationers and visitors throughout The East End and North Fork of Long Island, including The Hamptons and Riverhead, NY. Our familiarity with these jurisdictions greatly helps us to provide you with the best possible counsel and legal representation.

The Law Offices of Andrew J. Gilbride, Esq., are uniquely qualified to represent our clients in the following practice areas:

Family Law, Divorce Law, Elder Care Issues, Estate Planning, Landlord / Tenant, Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, General Business

Andrew J. Gilbride, Esq.

Our Suffolk County Family Law Lawyers are fierce yet compassionate advocates for our clients and share in their successes. Yet, we realize that while people often say, “it’s not about the money,” it does eventually become about the money, as money often is the only measure of justice the Court can dispense. Suffolk County residents have come to recognize and appreciate the personal, focused legal counsel Andrew J. Gilbride delivers and return for additional legal services requiring the skill and insights only an experienced Suffolk County Attorney can provide.

While trying to achieve the best results possible for our clients, we are mindful that legal matters can be a stressful time in our clients’ lives. We take the time to fully explain your rights, explore different options, and help bring you to a place where you are comfortable in your decision. We always tell you in plain language what you need to know and how it may affect your case.

While we offer a full complement of legal services and counsel, much of our client work and expertise is focused on the following areas:

Family Law

Family Court in New York State is a Court of limited jurisdiction and usually has judicial oversight concerning matters related to families and children under the age of 18, especially if the parties/parents are unmarried. Matters coming before the court include adoption, custody, visitation, support, paternity and divorce. Each of these areas are multifaceted and strictly regulated and while you may consider representing yourself, we highly recommend you engage the experienced counsel of a Suffolk County Family Law Attorney for any of these matters. Andrew J. Gilbride, Esq., is a highly qualified and experienced Family Law Lawyer serving Suffolk County residents and will represent your interests and those of your loved ones without compromise.

Divorce Law

Divorce Lawyer Andrew J. Gilbride, Esq., is especially adept in representing East End and North Fork clients considering or ready to file for a separation or ending their marriage contract. Our Suffolk County Divorce Attorneys are experienced, trusted and known to be zealous and passionate advocates for our clients and will work with you to minimize the costs of your action and maximize the terms of your settlement.

Even what may appear to be a simple and straight-forward divorce is not without personal, financial and legal obstacles. While you may be inclined to think an amicable divorce is something you can handle on your own, we highly recommend you first consult Suffolk County Divorce Lawyer Andrew J. Gilbride, Esq. He will explain the process and provide an overview of the process, protocols, paperwork and other details you will need to provide.

In New York State, Supreme Court has jurisdiction for divorce cases and must sign off on the settlement agreed to by both parties, whether the divorce is Uncontested or Contested. We also strongly advise you to retain an attorney whenever children are present in the marriage, as the Court puts their welfare above all else. An experienced Suffolk County Divorce Lawyer should be thought of as an essential advocate on behalf of you and your children. If you live in Suffolk County, please contact Divorce Lawyer Andrew J. Gilbride, Esq. He will staunchly represent and defend the full extent of your rights under the law.

If you decide a separation or divorce is in you and your children’s best interest, we will explain the entire process in considerable detail to you in a no obligation initial consultation. We will tell you in plain language what is involved, provide an estimate of the cost and timeframe and be mindful to do all we can to keep the final cost at a minimum while striving to obtain the best possible terms for you in the settlement. Whenever possible, we try to avoid bringing divorce actions to trial since costs can rise rapidly and add additional stress to an already difficult experience.

More information on the types of divorce filings – Uncontested and Contested – is provided in the Divorce Law page here.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Properties for purchase or sale in Suffolk County, and specifically in The East End and North Fork of Long Island, sometimes aren’t quite the straight-forward transactions buyers and sellers expect. Since so much of The East End “new land” occupied today was farmland just a few decades ago, boundary line and title issues may arise, especially if the property has changed hands multiple times.

The Law Offices of Andrew J. Gilbride, Esq., will work with you as either buyer or seller to provide as complete a view of the title and transaction history of the property as possible while seeking to facilitate the timely transfer of the property. As a Suffolk County Real Estate Lawyer, Andrew J. Gilbride, Esq., has the local knowledge to navigate the North Fork and The East End real estate markets, municipalities and zoning boards. We always endeavor to help you to complete your transaction as expeditiously as possible. If you are buying or selling property in Suffolk County, please call us today for a no obligation consultation with one of our Real Estate Lawyers.

In addition to the three areas explored above, The Law Offices of Andrew J. Gilbride, Esq., provides legal counsel to clients on matters including Personal Injury, Landlord/Tenant disputes, Civil Litigation and General Business Law. For more detailed information on any of these practice areas, please click on the links above.

We are Here to Help

You are first and foremost a person in our office, not a mere file or just another client case, and you will always be treated with professionalism and courtesy throughout your representation. If at any time in our work on your behalf you feel a need to reconsider or rethink a course of action or approach, we will stop and listen to what you have to say. Our advice is never a one-way street and a full and open dialog with our clients is the cornerstone of our practice. We believe listening is far more important than speaking and we respect your input at each step of our journey through your legal matter.

The range of our expertise reflects the complexities of living, working and relaxing in the East End and North Fork of Long Island, NY. Riverhead is a center of commerce for much of the workforce and businesses that serve The Hamptons. Legal issues may be irksome or serious, but they always must be treated with speed and an appreciation for just how quickly it may spiral into something far more consequential, with the potential to cause harm to your livelihood, reputation, happiness and freedom.

Our commitment to our clients, our attention to detail, and our extensive financial expertise make our firm uniquely qualified to tackle the issues that appear daily in our clients’ and their families’ lives. The Suffolk County Family Law Lawyers and Divorce Lawyers at Andrew J. Gilbride, Esq., strive to earn the title of trusted family advisor, providing our guidance, expertise and knowledge while we aggressively fight for your rights under the law.

Please call us at (631) 591-2227 for a free phone consultation.

Client Reviews
The most tenacious, caring, down to earth hometown hero! Not only an attorney, but a compassionate, realistic, FRIEND! He's the only attorney I know who answers his phone, calls to check in on you, and genuinely cares. Consummate professional that has his clients best interests at heart. Tim K.
Andrew is currently working with me, and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about his attentiveness to my situation and circumstances. HIGHLY recommended. Ralph R.
As first time home buyers, my husband and I were very stressed out, especially running into bumps in the road trying to obtain a mortgage within the contract time. Andy put our minds at ease throughout the whole process and was extremely knowledgeable. I have since referred a number of friends and family to Andy for all kinds of matters including residential Home Sales, Divorces and Family Court Matters. They, as us, have all been very pleased with his services. We highly recommend. Melissa and Thomas Q.
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