Divorce Law

Our firm spends a considerable amount of time during the initial consultation to explain the different types of divorce proceedings. We review the options that are available to a particular client as well as the benefits and risks of each type of divorce. We are compassionate in our support of our clients, but we try to gauge upfront the party’s appetite for argument. This impacts the divorce proceedings greatly.

There are two categories for divorce: CONTESTED DIVORCE and UNCONTESTED DIVORCE

UNCONTESTED DIVORCE is a contractual end to a marriage. The terms are either decided in the agreement or they stipulated to in a separation or settlement agreement. In many ways, an UNCONTESTED DIVORCE is more procedural in nature and the least expensive option.

CONTESTED DIVORCE is the traditional divorce proceeding that occurs when significant issues remain unresolved and the parties cannot reach an agreement on their own. Our firm will negotiate on your behalf, represent your issues, and attempt to enter into a separation agreement or settlement agreement. If significant issues persist, then this office of Andrew J. Gilbride, ESQ., will vigorously represent you in court proceedings until there is an ultimate and final decision by a judge.

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