Contested Divorce

The end of a marriage is sad and all too often unavoidable. There are options, however, in the way in which people may choose to end their marriage. We at the LAW OFFICES OF ANDREW J. GILBRIDE, ESQ. have often heard our clients say, “We want to be fair to each other” or “We will always be friends”. Unfortunately, while we wish this was the case, all too often, it is not. When reason breaks down and emotion takes over, we recognize that our clients need a strong yet compassionate advocate who will fight for their rights. The LAW OFFICES OF ANDREW J. GILBRIDE, ESQ. are dedicated to aggressively representing our clients’ rights while keeping in mind that the ultimate goal is to end the marriage without needless and costly litigation.

There are multiple issues that must be considered in a divorce, including financial, personal, and those involving any children of the marriage, that must be fully examined. In divorce proceedings, there are many instances where a party is not interested in a fair and equitable agreement. Spouses have been known to lie about income, hide assets, or wastefully spend savings and income. The Law Offices of Andrew J. Gilbride, Esq. will examine the financial circumstances of both parties, including income, assets, lifestyle and more to firmly understand the represented financials. This also includes questioning unsupported or unrepresented income offered by one’s spouse.

Children often suffer the most by a divorce. We will try to mitigate any negative impact on your children. Issues often overlooked include visitation, educational and religious choices, distance one spouse can move from another, the marital residence remaining with the custodial parent, extracurricular activities, and more. In addition, there are implications to the child when a spouse who previously had been a full-time care taker is now under obligation to seek gainful employment outside of the home. Another significant situation arises with the introduction of a spouse’s new “significant other” and any children of the same.

The above referenced situations are just a small sample of individualized and unique circumstances that demand a knowledgeable and reputable advocate who can work to protect you, your family and your rights. Divorce, in many situations, comes down to being about money. This money, however, will allow you to restart your life, put a roof over your head, provide for any children, and live a life in a manner similar to the way you lived pre – divorce.

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