Whether you are in a Family Court Matter or a Divorce preceding the financials provided by both sides is the basis for many of the Court decisions:

How much do you get for Child Support?
Do you get spousal maintenance?
Must I get a job?

Are my attorney fees paid by other side?
Do I get to stay in the home?
Do I own a part of the family business?


The sad fact is often times; there is not a clear picture of parties finances either purposefully presented as vague or misrepresentative or just convoluted and intricate as a result of either a person’s diverse holdings or poor management skills.

The Law offices of Andrew J. Gilbride will do our best to come to a full understanding of each party’s true financials. We have experience dealing with clients who have substantial “off the books” income and will attempt unique, “out of the box” and substantive discovery to ferret out the true income or holdings.

We work hand and hand with accountants, appraisers, financial analysts providing us, when needed, an expert opinion as to the true state of affairs.

In addition, based on our personal relationship with the clients, we try to get a full understanding of the possible scenarios that can affect a parties needs in the future. This comes by talking to the client, asking the right questions and using our real world experiences to properly advise clients.

This discovery is the most important part of any Court proceeding and has the longest lasting and life altering effects on the parties.

Please contact our office for a Free Consultation so that we may discuss your individual situation and advise you as to the best course of action.

  • Valuations of Assets
  • Seizing Assets
  • Business Valuations
  • Unreported Income
  • Pension/Retirement Funds